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Service Name liveStream
Description Live Stream service lets you manage live stream entries
Name Description
addAdds new live stream entry.
The entry will be queued for provision.
getGet live stream entry by ID.
authenticateAuthenticate live-stream entry against stream token and partner limitations
updateUpdate live stream entry. Only the properties that were set will be updated.
deleteDelete a live stream entry.
listList live stream entries by filter with paging support.
updateOfflineThumbnailJpegUpdate live stream entry thumbnail using a raw jpeg file
updateOfflineThumbnailFromUrlUpdate entry thumbnail using url
isLiveDelivering the status of a live stream (on-air/offline) if it is possible
addLiveStreamPushPublishConfigurationAdd new pushPublish configuration to entry
removeLiveStreamPushPublishConfigurationRemove push publish configuration from entry
appendRecordingAppend recorded video to live entry
registerMediaServerRegister media server to live entry
unregisterMediaServerUnregister media server from live entry
validateRegisteredMediaServersValidates all registered media servers
createPeriodicSyncPointsCreates perioding metadata sync-point events on a live stream